The inspiration

Amália on the sidewalk – Alfama – Lisbon, urban art created by Vhils.

Condomínio São Bento

Fado singer Amália Rodrigues lived on this street for decades, which made her the inspiration for this luxury condominium.

This condominium is like a “Courtyard”, because it refers to a group of dwellings arranged around an uncovered enclosure. And the little treat is her private garden. Each building has direct access to the garden.

“Pátio” is a word that undoubtedly translates what is Portuguese! It also reminds us of the movie “Pátio das Cantigas”, in which Amália almost acted.


The logotype of Condomínio São Bento 446 is clearly inspired by the fado singer Amália Rodrigues.

The logotype is presented in the form of a coat of arms, with the aim of containing identifiers of this great fado singer. The hand-drawn coat of arms reflects the artist’s taste for art.

See, below, a small explanation of the construction of this logo.

The logotype

Crown: Amália Rodrigues known as the “Queen of Fado”. In the shape of a flower alluding to her passion for flowers.

With open arms, with the shawl, singing fado and interacting with the public.

The Portuguese guitar, also called the fado guitar, is a chordophone with 6 pairs of strings and a pear-shaped harmonic box.

Her taste for art, design and crafts.

Amália was born in the time of the cherries.

Fado touches the soul, the heart.

The concept


An architecture around the marking of frames on the facades, like a portrait that holds memories.

The common areas were inspired by the strings of the Portuguese guitar. So characteristic in fado.

The apartments maintained the same concept of the facades, different frames in the differentiation of different materials.


Luxury apartments with all the sophistication and good taste in every detail.

T1 · T2 · T3 · T4


The property of excellence in this magnificent gated community, the "cherry" on top of the cake.

T3+1 380m2


Your street shop in a historic and dynamic area that attracts many national and foreign customers.

102m2 · 188m2


Condomínio São Bento 446, in Lisbon at Rua de São Bento.A treasure in the center of Lisbon.